Creator Benefits / Submission Guidelines

1. Distribution/Retailers
We offer great exposure within the mass and direct market.

2. Aggressive Marketing
We strive to generate as much exposure for and buzz about your project as is possible.

3. Creator Communication
We offer great communication with creators, including contact on a regular basis, and help with all questions.

4. Creator Freedom
We grant creators unrestricted opportunities to create unique original projects.

5. Quality Over Quantity
We have high standards when it comes to printing; we use the best materials. We focus on detail and produce only quality publications.

6. Licensing
We expose your project to various industries outside the comic book realm.

7. Great Payment Methods
We provide many different outlets for maximum growth.

8. Limitless
We are a company that will continue to expand, and will continue to research developments inside and outside the comic book industry.

9. Originality & Creativity
Creating products that are different, and that stand out in the market. Allowing creators to think outside the box, and use their full potential.

10. Never Overpriced
Great pricing that reflects the present currency, benefiting both the reader and retailer. Providing one cover price.

Digital Submissions Only:

Septagon Studios Inc

Septagon Studios is no longer accepting submissions at this time.

*Septagon Studios is no longer accepting submissions at this time*


This is an important focus for Septagon Studios. We are always looking for quality creator-owned projects from all genres; however, we are not interested in the classic or typical superhero genre at the moment.

We strongly recommend preassembled creative teams. If you have a project without an artist, we will help in your search to find, but not to hire one. Septagon Studios is looking for one-shots, graphic novels, limited series, and ongoing titles. Please read below for information on some details to keep in mind.

What to include in your submission:

Each submission package should always be accompanied by a cover letter. In it, tell us who you are, and where to contact you. Please state any prior work experience in the comic book industry or provide a list of any published material. Published work, however, is not a requirement. Let us know why you are interested in joining Septagon Studios. Provide a synopsis of the overall story or project you want to pursue.We want you to tell us the story from beginning to end. Reach for the heights of your potential and show us the best work you can do.

We ask that you provide 5 fully-illustrated, fully-colored sequential pages,plus an inked cover image (lettering optional). Please specify if you are submitting a black and white project.
Let us know the format of the book, including the number of pages. Please do not send originals. The recommended size for submission is 8.5” x 11” pages.

There is only one option when submitting a proposal:

1)Creators must send their submission electronically through email. Please provide the information stated above or your submission will not be reviewed. We encourage emailing us your submission, in order to save you time and money.

When submitting work through email, please save it as high-resolution PDF files or in JPEG format. Artworks for covers are to be saved in high-resolution jpeg format. Once submissions have been received, the work will be evaluated, and you will be contacted via the email address that you have provided. If we feel the work is strong, with a contemporary feel, you will be contacted about your proposed project. For our records, we will keep all submissions for future reference, in case a vacancy becomes available.


We are always looking for projects with a great story. The guidelines for writers are straightforward and are listed below:

-Cover letter providing contact information.
-Previously published work.
-Synopsis of the proposed project.
-Script of the first issue or chapter.


We are always looking for artists who give the greatest possible amount of effort to deliver unique, contemporary work. Artists in various media are welcome to submit, whether your skills are demonstrated in the fields of photography, graphic design, illustration, or painting. Please feel free to create, and don't set boundaries for yourself. The guidelines for artists are listed below:

We ask that you provide 5 fully-illustrated, fully-colored sequential pages (lettering optional),
a minimum of 3 inked and lettered cover concepts (full lettering and text is required for covers). Please specify if you are submitting a black and white project. We recommend that you send 8.5” x 11” pages via email or snail mail. Please do not send original artwork.

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